Product lines

Products manufactured and delivered by our company allow to solve the following problems in oil and gas industry:

  • casing perforation of oil and gas reservoirs;
  • pre-hydrofrac operations;
  • well production stimulation and recovery of intake capacity;
  • remedial cementing;
  • accident elimination.

We offer a full range of products for reliable and efficient well completion:

  • perforating guns of all mostly demanded standard sizes run-in-hole on wireline, tubing (coil-tubing);
  • combined effect devices for productive formations;
  • hollow-carrier or expendable downhole pressure generators;
  • small-size expendable perforating guns run-in-hole through tubing;
  • reusable perforating guns run-in-hole on wireline;
  • firing heads for various purposes;
  • accident elimination means: tubing cutters and demolition torpedoes;
  • explosive packers (plugs) for various purposes;
  • initiating and detonation transmission means: percussion and electrical detonators, boosters, igniters, explosive cartridges;
  • detonating cords;
  • auxiliary and other equipment.

All the products have got necessary permits in accordance with the requirements of the current Technical Regulations of the Customs Union as well as certificates of the voluntary certification system.

LLC “Promperforator” annually confirms the status of a manufacturer of products in the territory of the Russian Federation, which is entered into the register of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation.

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