LLC “Promperforator” is conscious of its responsibility before Russian society and actively participates in social-economical development of Samara Region by means of charity and partnership with local government authorities.

The Company policy in the sphere of social responsibility leads to contribute to development and strengthening of favourable social and ecological environment of Samara Region.

By charity and sponsorship the Company endevours to draw attention to ecological problems in Chapayevsk and Samara Region and supports religious organizations and projects focused on the development of childrens' and youth recreative sports.

During 5 years LLC “Promperforator” has been the general sponsor of the “Youth Judo Tournament in commemoration of the coach S.I.Kechin with the OO “Rovesnik” prizes” together with the Physical Culture and Sports Department of Chapayevsk Administration. In 2011 the Company sponsored the “Khimik” hockey team, providing the sportsmen with the gear for Samara Region Hockey Championship. In 2013 the Company sponsored PO “Alfa” club members' trip to Cheboksary for participation in the Archery Championship of Russia for perople with locomotor system diseases.

Special place in charity activities of LLC “Promperforator” holds care about orphans and children with limited abilities.

About five years already LLC “Promperforator” has supported “GKU SO “Chapayevsky juvenile social-rehabilitation center” and “GKU SO “Chapayevsky rehabilitation center for children and teenagers with limited abilities the “Hope”. Chariry assistance was rendered to MOU School No 3 in Chapayevsk (installation of fire alarm system) and to the orphanage No 1 named after B.G.Frolov.

In 2012 LLC “Promperforator” took part in the improvement of the site adjacent to the St Sergius of Radonezh Church in order to create esthetically pleasing view of the church area as well as the area of Chapayevsk City.

LLC “Promperforator” team contributes to the improvement of ecological situation and landscaping of Chapayevsk not only by sponsorship but also by active annual participation in subbotniks (clean-up events).

In 2013 LLC “Promperforator” sponsored the Fund of Ecological Rehabilitation of Samara Region. The Fund is intended to draw attention to ecological problems of Samara Region by means of photo exhibitions.

There is more to come. We are not going to rest on our laurels.

To help people in need is a high honour for us.

Sincere gratitude we see in the eyes of those who get our help motivates us to do more and yet more.

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